Notable Alumni

Krup Academy has prepared many talents in various fields over the span of 10 years. Here are few of our notable alumni who are doing excellent in their respective fields, a distinguished film and music institute in Gujarat, founded by Dr. Krupesh Thacker under the auspices of Give Vacha Foundation:

  1. Parv Thacker: Widely recognised as the “Youngest Singer” and “Youngest Actor”, Parv Thacker is an exceptional 7-year-old prodigy from India. He has gained fame for his remarkable talent as a playback singer. He has 50+ albums to his credit as a singer and 20 music videos as a child actor.
  2. Vacha Thacker: Vacha Thacker, another talented alumnus, has made significant contributions in the field of music and performing arts. She has 50+ albums to her credit. Her work reflects the high-quality education provided by Krup Academy.
  3. Anjali Sevak: Anjali Sevak, also an alumna of Krup Academy, has excelled in the field of Anchoring and Writing. Her dedication and skills have contributed to the academy’s reputation.
  4. Harnish Anjaria: Harnish Anjaria, is a singer known for his devotional and patriotic songs. He has maintained the vision of Krup Academy in his field.
  5. Archie Mistry: Sur Gujarat Ke winner, Archie Mistry got mentorship by Dr. Krupesh Thacker. She was later launched as a playback singer in one of the songs of Dr. Krupesh for movie Commitment. She also performed in the Kabaddi World Cup ceremony.

These alumni exemplify the academy’s commitment to nurturing talent and bridging academics with industry experience. Krup Academy continues to produce outstanding professionals who make a mark in the entertainment industry.